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Pre-Registration online is $25.00 for just Croaker OR $65.00 per angler for Croaker, Red Fish, Black Drum, Speckled Trout and Flounder. Registration is also available at the front doors of Captain Al’s Steak & Seafood as well as the Captian's meeting which is held Friday, July 19th, deadline for registration is by 12PM Friday night. 

The tournament will be held at “Captain Al’s Steak & Seafood”, where the official weight station will be located,  1458 Magnolia St. Gulfport, MS 39507

All fish must be caught during the specified dates of the tournament. Fishing starts at 5:00 AM Saturday, 20th of July, 2024 and ends at the closing of the scales at 5PM Sunday, 21st of July, 2K24. Scales are open on Saturday, July 20th from 3 to 7PM and Sunday, July 21st from 3 to 5PM.

All fish must be weighed in on the day they are caught.

The Captains/Anglers meeting kickoff party will be held Friday, July 19th, 2K24 at Captain Al’s Steak & Seafood “1458 Magnolia St. Gulfport, MS 39507” starting at  6PM

The fish must be caught inside the Ocean Springs /Biloxi Bridge in the Back Bay of Biloxi, MS. If you go south of the Bridge you will be disqualified!

The awards presentation will be Sunday, July 21st, 2K24, at 6:30 PM.

The five thousand dollars cash is subject to polygraph at the discretion of the tournament committee. In Lou of a protest, the protestors must put up the money for the polygraph. The protest must be made before the closing of the scales at 5PM on Sunday the 21st. If the polygraph is refused for any of the prizes, the fish will be disqualified!

At any point no two boats are allowed to touch.

The fish with the heaviest weight will determine the winner. In case of a tie, the first fish weighed in will be determined the winner.

All fish must be in acceptable condition. The tournament chairman or weigh master or any committee member reserves the right to reject any fish entry because of poor condition, mutilation or being frozen. The condition of the fish will be left up to the scrutiny of the committee. The decision is final.

All fish must be caught on ROD and Reel. Fish caught by bicycle rigs, spears, traps, nets, or any other entangling device will be disqualified.

The use of HARPOONS is strictly prohibited.

Intentional snagging of foul hooking is prohibited.

All fish weighed may be subject to random gutting. Failure to allow a tournament committee member to gut a fish will result in disqualification of the fish in question.

Flounder Rules

This tournament will be Saturday night ONLY starting at 8pm to daybreak with weight ins on Sunday from 3-5pm and awards ceremony Sunday night at 6:30 pm!

All Flounder Must be gigged in Mississippi waters and of legal size and state requirements.

All fish must be gigged, rod and reel entries will not be allowed.

Any holes in the flounders mouth will be disqualified, must be stringed through the gills and out the mouth.

Largest fish wins in case of tie, first fish entered will be the winner.

Marty Wilson


Tournament Directors 
Marty Wilson (228) 265-1121 or Stacey Magnusen (228)-669-9237 or (228) 860-9448 Karen Babbett OR 

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